COVID19 Command Center & Collaboration

In this race against time, delay in decision making will delay lives saved. Information is key to taking decisions, but a calamity of this scale requires national level co-operation between government and private entities from multiple domains, but decisions must be directed from National or State Leadership. The varied landscape with many stakeholders will make data capture and standardization a difficult and time-consuming process. 
Our proposal is to build a Collaboration Platform where every stakeholder gets onboarded and does their work, the data gets automatically captured and enables decisions.

  1. Gets a real-time dashboard and opportunity for immediate decision making 
  2. Data from every lab automatically on a dashboard, so realtime control can be maintained. 
  3. Standardizes prices of materials essential for COVID 
  4. Maintains a direct, real-time intranet of all stakeholders and communicate in real-time with SMS, Email and WhatsApp

  1.  Labs can upload data and directly report test results, kit availability to Government 
  2. Order kits and know when they will be available
  3. book online appointment for patients in that area

  1. Report COVID patients, and their treatment status
  2. Report COVID beds and ventilator availability
  3. Get access/buy test Kit manufacturers and Ventilator Manufactures
  4. Find beds nearby if hospitals are booked

  1. List products of ventilators and test kits 
  2. manage prices
  3. Track & Report Order fulfillment progress

  1. Find the nearest Test Centre or Hospital near them
  2. Book appointment
  3. View test result 
  4. Be referred to alternate if nearest hospital is overbooked

It’s a simple collaboration platform, which will enable all stakeholders operate at optimal level without losing time. We want to see if we can contribute in a small way to this war against COVID19 | | Bhubaneswar

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